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Pub Darts 3D, the free flash darts game with 501 darts Tournamants and Challenges. Play 501 darts cups, hit 180s, throw 9-dart legs and become the Pub Champion! Complete the Around The Clock, Beat The Master & 21-Dart Challenge.


Pub Darts 3D - Online Darts Game with 501 Cups

Play Pub Darts 3D, the free flash darts game with excellent AI computer players. Play 501 Tournaments against computer players, and set top scores in the Around The Clock, Beat The Master and 21-Dart Challenge. Enjoy!

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NEW:- Play Pub Darts 3D Multiplayer (Beta), you can now challenge your friends and other online players to play 501 darts matches. Also, you can chat with your opponent as you play - Enjoy!

Play Pub Darts 3D! One of the best and most complete flash darts games on the web! With lots of Darts Tournaments and Darts Challenges. Play like a PDC World Darts Champion, throw 180s and 9-Dart Legs on your way to becoming the Pub Darts Champion!


Game Features

  • Play Darts Tournaments against the computer.
  • Win the darts tournaments to unlock more cups and to improve your Pub Ranking.
  • Play the Around The Clock challenge, Beat The Master & 21-Dart Challenge.
  • Top score Leaderboards for all of the challenges and 501 darts cups. Compete against your friends to see who rules the board.
  • Play 2-player matches against your mates at home.
  • Win over 30 Medals for top scores, 9-Dart Legs and other special achievements.
  • Excellent 3D darts physics with multiple views.
  • Use the hints that appears to quickly workout what score to aim for next.
  • Simple controls.
  • Accurate 501 Darts rules - with full bust and you must finish on a double or the bull to win each leg.
  • Enjoy!

Created on 11th November 2011by NipponMonkey

Darts Videos

Pub Darts 3D Videos

Videos and tutorials of Pub Darts 3D.

9-Dart Finishes (Perfect 501 Legs)

A 9-dart leg in a 501 match is the hardest achievement in darts - here are some of the greats throwing a perfect leg, including Phil Taylor's two 9-darters in one match and Adrian Lewis' 9-dart finish.

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