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Pub Darts 3D, the free flash darts game with 501 darts Tournamants and Challenges. Play 501 darts cups, hit 180s, throw 9-dart legs and become the Pub Champion! Complete the Around The Clock, Beat The Master & 21-Dart Challenge.


Around the Clock (Darts Game)

Around the clock is a darts game where you have to hit all the numbered segments 1 to 20 followed by the outer bull and finally the bull. You score more points for hitting the trebles (middle ring) and for good accuracy. There are achievement medals for hitting enough trebles and there is a global leaderboard to challenge your friends. You can play Around the Clock in Pub Darts 3D (Flash Game) - Enjoy!

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Pub Darts 3D is one of the best flash darts games online. It is a fast paced darts game where you can play 501 darts tournaments and challenges. Win over 30 medals for your achievements as you play the cups, Around the Clock, Beat the Master and the 21-Dart challenge. All of your 501 stats and top scores are automatically saved for you, including your 3-dart average, highest outshot, number of 9-darters, 10-darters, etc... It has simple controls and in-game hints so you always know what scores to aim for. You'd do well to find a better flash darts game on the web - Enjoy!


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